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About Alex


Sit Down Cups-10_edited.jpg

    As an designer from the Pacific Northwest I am constantly taking inspiration from my surroundings: the mountains, the ocean and the people. Out in the wilderness I am inspired by the intricacy and beauty of the forest, the plants and the animals. The rhythm of the sea’s waves are a gentle poem written by the earth and shared for our benefit. Tales told to me by travelers, elders and peers evoke unknown experiences and emotions ready to be shared.

My designs exist between the artists knowledge of form and the intricate analysis of engineers. I put forth ideas with the intention to nourishing a forward thinking dialogue, one that brings communities together and respects the planet. My designs are inspired by the mundane as well as the extraordinary moments of life, knowing that significance is not defined by grandeur. If you look closely at the the forests, mountains, rivers and oceans, you will find that everything is made with precision down to the smallest grain of sand. Within my design practice I strive to do the same. 


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