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Emily Carr University
Spring, 2022

The woven garden

Learning to be good medicine for the earth.

After moving to Vancouver in 2019, I have come to know the city quite well. I have walked her streets and come to know her people. Still to this day however, I have not become accustomed to the hustle and bustle of urban life. Over the years I found gardening as a safe refuge and place of reprieve. By digging into the soil and planting seeds, I am connecting to the abundance of life around me and learning generosity through care. 


When I embarked upon my grad project in fall 2021, I wanted to explore the possibilities of urban gardening. I was inspired to put the Woven Garden on wheels as a reflection on permanency, or lack thereof, within Vancouver. In an ever-changing city and I wanted to create a space that could transport as well as transform your garden. 

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