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Design Manifesto - Fall 2021

A Community Woven

Design stewardship is the bridge between the manmade and the natural. Neither is overtaken by the other. They live in balance, woven together by the swell of the tide, the rising mountains and the voice of the forest. It is an old story written within the foundation of the earth. Listen and you will hear her speak of generosity, empathy and stillness.

It is a story that cannot be told with words. It is practiced through action. Walk in the wild places of the world and you will hear her call. Honour what you are given and deal generously in return.

Designing towards stewardship means asking the land what it needs from us. Good relationships developed based on longevity and reciprocity. Deep relationships develop like wine from the vineyard, growing richer as they age.

By bringing a community together we are woven through reciprocity. In like manner, humanity must weave itself back into the fabric of the earth. We have become separated from the greater narrative, creating stories of our own which exclude and exploit. The land is calling us back but we are defeated by progress. Progress towards a bitter end which excludes all other beings of animacy.

You cannot teach biophilic design, you have to embody it. Sit among the cedars and learn their wisdom. There is no scientific method to learn empathy and care. Instead, we learn through experiences which inform our values. The land is good medicine for us, we should return the favour. When the rain falls, do not despise it. Thank the sky for its generous gift which renews all life for our benefit.

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