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Having a Sit Down - Storyboard

Good Morning

Key reflections during tea:

  • breath deeply, this is a meditation as well as a good cuppa with friends.

  • Remember why you are here. healing for self and all other beings.

  • Move slowly. Take in each precious moment of this experience. No where you need to be besides this moment.

Making the Tea

Watch the steam rise. Take this opportunity to have a quiet moment, a quiet morning. This is where the whole process begins. In your kitchen, in your space. Make it a beautiful space.


Whether you are walking, riding your bike, or driving this is a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the process of a quality tea time. You are not in a rush, you are in this moment. Take it, hold it.


Find a spot that calls for you to sit down. Once you are sitting, establish roots in this spot. Ground yourself and empty your mind of everything except this space. Breath deeply, pour a cup of tea. Feel the warmth of the cup, the steam rising into the tree boughs above. Remember that you are here for your mental wellbeing as well as for the forest. Listen to how this spot is speaking to you. It could be the calling of a bird or the trickling of water. Just listen.


Once you feel rooted. Take in the gift of your surroundings. Hear what how the forest calls, brings thoughts to mind. This is a conversation and a place to feel safe with your thoughts.

Look closely at details in the moss and leave.

Look into the distance, the forest as one being.

Sip some tea.


At this point in the conversation you should feel comfortable in this space. You have established a connection, a relationship. You have given something of yourself to the space and it has given back to you. Reflect on this experience. What experiences, memories, convictions did the forest speak to you about? How have you given back to the forest and what more can you do?


Hopefully you leave tea time feeling blessed and loved. You never quite know what you are gonna get from a "sit down" but there is always something to be found there. Carry what you have found here with you throughout the day. Gift it to others. A lightness of heart. An understanding found. A friend who needs help.

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